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Postcards from The New Yorker : One Hundred Covers from Ten Decades

New Yorker (Author)

  • Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
  • 100 Page / Published 2015-09-28
  • Category: Non-Fiction , Health & Lifestyle
  • ISBN: 9781846144691
  • Language: English
  • Format: HB
  • CD/DVD:

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New Yorker

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The New Yorker was launched in 1925, and offers reporting, criticism, essays, fiction, poetry, humour, and cartoons. From the very outset, the founders, Harold Ross and Jane Grant, declared that their sophisticated magazine was 'not edited for the old lady in Dubuque'. The New Yorker has also offered great literature in short stories from such acclaimed writers as John Cheever, Roald Dahl, Alice Munro, Haruki Murakami, Vladimir Nabokov, J. D. Salinger, and Shirley Jackson. From the very first issue, the now iconic monocled dandy Eustace Tilley made The New Yorker's covers unique and pointed. These signature traits have continued right up to the present day in the striking and sometimes controversial covers from such artists as Peter Arno, William Steig, Saul Steinberg, Jean-Jacques Sempe, and Art Spiegelman. Selected by Francoise Mouly